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A reliable heating system is something every home and business needs, even in warmer climates like Victorville. Although we experience less severe winter weather than other parts of the country, it can still get quite cold. For this reason, it’s important to turn to HVAC experts who can quickly diagnose and repair any issues you discover with your heating system. At Nori’s HVAC, we take the time to properly discover the root of your heating problem and repair it as efficiently as possible.

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Nori’s HVAC corrects our clients’ heating issues as quickly and efficiently as we can. If you believe your heater isn’t working as it should or would just like to ensure it is in working order before turning it on for the season, we can help. Our Victorville experts work closely with all our customers to ensure they are receiving the best services for their unique situations.

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Our Reputation Speaks for Itself See What Your Neighbors Are Saying

  • “Had a new ductless unit installed. Did a beautiful clean job.” - Donna E.
  • “Hands down the best in the HD. Juan is honest and very knowledgeable. I respect a business that does what they say.” - Miguel G.
  • “He gave me advice on keeping my furnace maintained and clarified where a furnace would have possible issues. He also checked my new mini-split for leaks and rewired it correctly, so it runs correctly.” - William H.
  • “I'm very happy that Johnny fixed the AC during the hottest day. My 2 Bulldogs and I greatly appreciate his quickness and knowledge.” - Kristine M.
  • “Juan was very helpful in explaining what was wrong. He was professional and very nice.” - Season K.
  • “We have used Nori's twice now due to their amazing customer service and professionalism. Would highly recommend them to anyone in need of his services!” - Suleyma O.
  • “Our air conditioner was not cooling, and I needed immediate service. Johnny immediately came and fixed the problem in a timely manner.” - Briana N.
  • “Nori's HVAC is the only company I call for all my repairs. They are efficient, affordable, and very reliable.” - Kellie C.

What are the Signs My Heater Needs a Repair?

If you are not familiar with the inner workings of heating units, it might be hard for you to determine if any component of the system is broken. However, there are obvious outward symptoms that there is something amiss.

These symptoms often include:

  • A sharp rise in your utility bill: If your energy bill is double, triple, or even more than what it typically is when you run the heater, it could mean there is a problem within the duct system or the unit itself. 
  • You constantly adjust the thermostat: A heating system that is working properly will only ever need to be adjusted when you wish for your home to be warmer or cooler. A malfunctioning unit, however, often can’t keep the home warm enough no matter how warm you set the thermostat. If you are constantly trying to fight with the heater to keep your home warm, this could mean there is something wrong with the unit that is preventing it from doing its job as it should.
  • Your heater short cycles often: Your heater should turn off and on only when it is maintaining the set temperature. If you notice the system turning on for a short period of time before turning off again, it could indicate that the heater is overworking. 
  • The furnace flame is yellow: If your home uses a gas-burning furnace for your heating system, you know that the flame at the bottom of these units is usually blue. If you notice that the flame has turned yellow, it could mean there is something serious going on with the unit such as a carbon monoxide leak. 

A good way to prevent any of the above issues and more is to schedule a routine heater maintenance service. Our technicians can come to your property once or twice a year and inspect your heating system to ensure it is running as it should. 

Schedule your service by calling us at (760) 546-5665 or by filling out our online form.

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