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While it is common knowledge that most HVAC systems utilize ductwork to get air from the main unit to every room of the property, it isn’t the only option available. For a more energy efficient, on demand option, many property owners choose to install ductless mini-splits. At Nori’s HVAC, our Victorville team provides a variety of ductless mini-split services to help you ensure your system runs as smoothly as possible. 

Rather than rely on ducts, this system is comprised of wall anchored boxes that pull air from the room around it to transform into the desired temperature air for each room. Unlike a traditional duct system, ductless mini-splits enable you to set the thermostat at different degrees in each room. So, if one person on your property is cold and would like the room warmer, they can do so without making every other room as warm.

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  • “I highly recommend using Nori’s! Ten stars in my opinion, and great prices.” - Jesus S.
  • “He gave me advice on keeping my furnace maintained and clarified where a furnace would have possible issues. He also checked my new mini-split for leaks and rewired it correctly, so it runs correctly.” - William H.
  • “HVAC Tech Johnny had to replace the control panel on our HVAC. He made sure that the heat and air were working and he was pleasant to work with!” - Bree S.
  • “Nori’s Heating and Air’s customer service, expeditious service, and professionalism are more than outstanding. My A/C is once again working properly.” - Gerardo V.
  • “Juan was very helpful in explaining what was wrong. He was professional and very nice.” - Season K.
  • “David and Fiso are the epitomai of professionalism and patience. They walked me through the job of what was expected for the correct maintenance of my Mini Split unit.” - Dina G.
  • “Johnny was on time and quick to discover my gas valve needed to be replaced. Their pricing was reasonable and the job was completed quickly.” - Carissa C.
  • “Hands down the best in the HD. Juan is honest and very knowledgeable. I respect a business that does what they say.” - Miguel G.

The Advantages of Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Like a heat pump, a ductless mini-split utilizes an indoor air handler and an outdoor compressor unit to distribute air in each room. 

This process has many benefits, the most useful of which include:

  • Efficiency: A duct system commonly loses air through tiny holes in the ductwork as it travels to each room in the house. The ductless mini-split system ensures the exact amount of air being pulled into the compressor is being pushed out the room. 
  • Easier installation: A mini-split system does not require extensive installation that involves going through walls or up into the attic. This means the installation process and the overall cost will be less expensive.
  • Flexibility: Since each mini-split is installed in each room independently, you can choose exactly which rooms in your home would benefit from HVAC. Additionally, if you have a newly constructed guest room or house on your property, a mini-split system ensures these spaces can quickly become climate controlled.

If you only use a few rooms in your home throughout the day, mini-splits are a great way to provide warm or cool air to those specific rooms, decrease wear and tear on a central system, and save money on utility bills. 

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Ductless Mini-Split Repair & Service

Like all other systems in your home, a mini-split requires routine maintenance and small repairs to ensure it works best.

Common repairs we regularly perform are:

  • Drainage issues: Sometimes the condensate drain can become clogged and force water back through the system. This can cause puddles of water near a mini-split. 
  • Foul odors: A mildew or musty smell could be caused by mold growing in the condensate drain. However, a vinegar or sweet smell could mean there is a refrigerant leak. If you notice any unusual smell coming from your unit, we can diagnose and quickly fix the issue.
  • Not working at all: Sometimes ice can form on evaporator coils which could trip a sensor and stop your unit from cooling the room or running completely. 

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